British Tailors Tailor-made Suit

1) Make An Appointment For Your Tailor-Made Suit

Contact British Tailors via telephone or email to make a booking. Leave us your name, your tel and email, and request on your tailor-made suit or item.

Tel: +852 2367 4705

British Tailors Tailor-made Suit

2) Style Consulting & Choose Your Fabric

Our style consulting includes professional advice appropriate for your way of life, personal style, your budget and your preferences on fabric, so that you achieve the look you need and want.

The suit’s fabric will make the difference between a $1,500 suit and a $6,000 one. That’s why many popular designers use fabrics with a grade of 100s or 110s (quality of fabric) to cut costs and increase markups.

Anything above a grade of 110s is guaranteed to make a respectable-looking and durable suit. As you may have guessed, higher grade equals better quality and an elevated price.

British Tailors Tailor-made Suit

3) Measure for Fitting

At this stage, our tailor will take all the required measurements to make your tailor-made suit fit like a glove. It’s important to maintain open communication at all stages of your suit’s fabrication.

Tell us how you’d like your suit to fall on your shoulders, waist and shoes. That’s the beauty of a tailor-made suit: You won’t need to have it altered several times before it fits perfectly. We all know how frustrating it is to have a piece of clothing that falls awkwardly, especially when it costs you an arm and a leg.

British Tailors Hong Kong Tailor-made Suit

4) Personalize

The beauty of a tailored suit is that you can add personal touches to make your suit look genuine and unique. Whether it’s specific types of buttons or pockets just ask and you shall receive. These simple touches will impress your colleagues and really make your suit stand out from the rest.

British Tailors Hong Kong

5) Arrange For Fitting

We will have semi-final fitting and final fitting.

At this stage, our tailor will ask you to try on the suit, while he personally checks every angle to make sure your tailor-made suit is perfect,  you’ll have to look over every detail as well. Don’t hesitate to ask for amendment because you’re paying for the suit, and you should make sure that everything fits to your liking.